Baking novice how to choose entry cake mold

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

First come to bai to talk about the types of cakes, which can be roughly divided into two types of du. One is a large zhi cake with high integrity, such as qifeng cake dao, sponge cake, cheese cake, etc., their shapes can be round, square, heart-shaped and other shapes, depending on the mold.

The most common mold for this cake is the round anode cake mold, which has more aluminum materials and a rough surface. Because Qifeng baking molds are required, this cake mold is also called Qifeng mold. In addition to being suitable for Qifeng, the anode mold can also be used for making other cakes, but some special cakes need to be supplemented with plastic wrap or gaskets. 

Generally speaking, the anode cake molds are silver, but in order to look good, there have been other colors in recent years. The most popular is the pink anode cake mold, which is really beautiful. 

The price of the anode cake mold is relatively cheap. If it is a miscellaneous brand, it is only about 10 yuan for 6 inches, and the brand goods are relatively high, which can reach about 40 yuan. In addition to the anode, there are also carbon steel + non-stick coatings. The mold of this material will be heavier and feel smoother, and it is easy to demold. It is very suitable for making cheesecake. 

Carbon steel cake molds are generally available in black and champagne gold, but there is also a black marble pattern in the home, which is very beautiful, but it is now discontinued. 

The other kind of cake is a cup cake, which usually uses a serial number mold, which has 6 companies, 12 companies and 24 companies, depending on the size of the cup. You can also use a hard paper cup that is hard enough to pour the batter directly for baking without the aid of a mold. Soft paper cup holders can only be used with the aid of cup cake molds, otherwise the supporting force is not enough.

The making of cupcakes is simpler than the making of large cakes, and there is basically no saying of failure. If you are new to baking, I suggest that you can buy some hard paper cups to practice cake making, and then familiarize yourself with other cake types. When pouring the cup cake into the batter, pay attention that 8 points is enough, and then distribute it evenly on the baking tray.




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