Good news! Zhejiang Marissa passed the on-site audit of "Made in Zhejiang" Certification Review Group

Time:2021-01-11 17:11:17

On December 26-27, 2020, appointed by Zhejiang "Made in Zhejiang" certification alliance, a 6-member review team organized by Shanghai Tianxiang Certification Co., Ltd. conducted the "Made in Zhejiang" certification on-site audit on Zhejiang Marissa Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. This certification audit is the first time that the "Made in Zhejiang" certification Alliance has conducted the certification audit on the non-stick baking mold industry. And the review contents include quality, environmental protection, etc. According to DB33/T944.1-2014 "Made in Zhejiang" evaluation specification Part 1 General requirements; DB33/T944.2-2017 "Made in Zhejiang" evaluation specification Part 2 management requirements; "Made in Zhejiang" group standard T/ZZB 1834-2020 aluminum non-stick baking mold; "Made in Zhejiang" certification implementation rules ZJM-017-4291-2020 aluminum non-stick baking mold and other related documents. Through on-site inspection, product testing, data analysis, data collection, the company's quality excellence, independent innovation, industrial collaboration, social responsibility capabilities were evaluated.


At the final meeting of the review, Hu Jiayan, the leader of the review group, reported the results of the review on behalf of the certification authority. The review panel agreed that Zhejiang Marissa met the requirements of "Made in Zhejiang" in terms of quality control, brand building, technological innovation, on-site management and social responsibility, and agreed to pass the on-site review. At the same time, the next step of "Made in Zhejiang" brand evaluation was also discussed to puts forward higher requirements in the aspects of building, technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection.


The passing of the on-site audit marks that Zhejiang Marissa has officially entered the family of "Made in Zhejiang" high-end brands and become one of the few enter




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